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Mexico is a country with many contrasting subcultures. It is a country full of colors, smells, and tastes that give life to the Mexican people. Many might characterize Mexico for it’s beautiful beaches and vegetation from the Southern parts of the country. Yet, another part of the country that many don’t consider is Northern Mexico. This part of the country is often dry and filled with beautiful deserts. It’s dryness and hotness seem to forge the fierce character that many Northern Mexicans, or Norteños, carry.

Not only do we offer Tostada Regia, but we offer a vast array of traditional Mexican dishes. From Mexican street tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas to a heartwarming flan- all made to portray authentic Mexican food.

Meanwhile, at Tostada Regia Long Point, I-10 & Westheimer, our bar offers a large selection of creative cocktails, signature margaritas, and a staggering selection of spirits and tequilas.

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Tostada Regia - La Original!

Is a mixture of flavors

Representing tradition and heritage of an important city located in Northern Mexico, Monterrey N.L.
Our signature dish is Tostada Regia. It is a simple yet yummy traditional dish from Monterrey. It is made out of two crisp corn tortillas with our special Guacamole, a mound of shredded chicken, and fresh Mexican Sour cream. This dish is ideal for first timers, connoisseur and foodies of Mexican food, making it the perfect dish for everyone.

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