We love what we do

At Tostada Regia we are people of conviction

Our promise is to make our customers happy with the experience at our restaurant. We love what we do, and there is nothing that makes us happier than satisfied customers. Day to day we look to find ways of improving our method in order to keep up as a great establishment in the eyes of our customers.

Our goal is the satisfaction
of our customers!

We make our meals with a lot of love and from the heart

What makes the truest flavor for any meal

A few years ago, we arrived in Houston from Monterrey Nuevo León Mexico, and we were adopted and blessed by the city.  We are very thankful and grateful for everyone who believed in us and our beginnings and gave us the opportunity to serve them, and we are still grateful to all the people that make it a possibility to do what we love every day.

From Northern Mexico, Monterrey, Mexico

For all the people in the world.

We invite you to come and enjoy a unique traditional Mexican experience
with amazing MARGARITAS in a friendly atmosphere.

We put Mexican Regia style food at the reach of any person

They love it which gives us double the satisfaction

Our values are honesty, respect for others, and hard work. We are Mexicans, we are Norteños, we are Regiomontanos and we are very proud of that. Our clients are from all around the world and they come to indulge in the favorite dishes. At Tostada Regia, our most popular dishes being the Tostada Regia, Tacos de Bistec, Torta de Pierna de Puerco, and our personal take on hamburger. Our costumers love the food we prepare, and that is huge satisfaction for us. The great food, the quality, the service, the respect and the honesty are appreciated by all of our costumers.